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Santa Marta

Santa Marta is the oldest city in continental America, founded on July 29, 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas and which was the residence of our liberator Simón Bolívar. This is where we find the PARK HOTEL with the best location of its Historic Center, steps from the administrative and financial area, historical and cultural area, in the new area of ​​bars and restaurants, the most prestigious shopping centers in the city and 20 minutes of access to Simón Bolívar airport.


Provide our clients with confidence, excellent service quality, through mixed growth strategies in human, technical and organizational matters; counting on creative and honest staff that work together under one goal, make tourists fall in love with the historical and cultural center of Santa Marta.


To be recognized nationally and internationally, as a place by the sea, friendly, safe and welcoming, where in addition to serving as a hotel-gallery, you can rest and enjoy our services according to the image of Santa Marta, city of congresses .


Good faith: as the basis of all our activity; It is the golden key to accept the results with a high forehead and calm spirit.
Honesty: as unwavering behavior; Nothing that goes beyond this orientation will give us honor.
The industriousness: forges us great, if others can we can more.
Equity: as a basis for success, giving someone who justly strengthens reliability.
Responsibility: as a basis for credibility and strengthening.
Trust: in employees, delegations and teamwork, safe results.
Respect: in recognition of human dignity, give to receive.
The truth: because "the truth will set us free."

Respond in a timely manner to the concerns of our customers.
Generate a pleasant work environment that allows the employee to fulfill their responsibilities towards the organization.
Raise the level of competition and that these impact the service.
Commit all employees to the values ​​and principles of the Hotel.
Guarantee the loyalty of our guests by offering a quality service and excellence, also involving them and making them participate in all our recreation activities such as: Movie Nights, Game Wednesdays (dominoes and parquet) use of wet areas, whose purpose is to achieve an additional offer to the lodging.
Claity Policy

We project ourselves as an organization in the process of continuous improvement, which allows us to offer a good accommodation, food, drinks and events service with the objective of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients, with high quality standards, provision of services, committed to what was offered, through a good team with service aptitude and aware of the responsibility in front of the hotel. We will seek the loyalty of our guests focused on their wishes and expectations, through a good fulfillment of service orders.